Slick, slick, slickety slick!!

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Oh, I’m stoked right now! We’ve had a ton of wind over the last few days! I took a rest day on Monday, but could have surfed some really fun waist to chest high, super clean waves. Then the NW wind hit on Tuesday… Stuart and I have been hitting up the Buxton Slick, every free moment! And I’ll tell you what, the confidence is building fast!! Stuart’s starting to sail out of clean Spock 540s, and I nailed my first Grubby yesterday!! It’s amazing what consistent, clean conditions do for your progression!

The other thing I’m amped up about is getting to wear my thick wetsuit! Man I love that thing! It’s a 6/5/4 Billabong surf suit with a built in hood. Even though the temps were in the 40s yesterday, and 35 this morning, the suit felt a bit like overkill… but it’s sooo comfortable… It feels like a giant, supportive but stretchy Ace bandage wrapped around my whole body. It’s probably what gave me the confidence to hit the Grubby!!

Shot some more video… Enjoy!!

Oh yeah: Wind wise, it’s been cranking! Sailed 5.0 yesterday AM, then lit up 4.2 in the evening! And more 5.0 this morning, but it’s been slowly fading all day here. Tomorrow looks like another perfect slick day, more westerly and a bit warmer, and then it’s supposed to light up again this weekend!!! Unbelievable this Fall!! You’ve got to get here, if you’re thinking about calling it quits for the season!! Actually, this morning was by far the coldest it gets here, all winter long, so if you sailed today, you can make it all year here!

Anyway, this picture was taken after derigging my 4.2 last night. Gotta love it!