Floating on a High…

Uugh! I’m so amped up right now… It’s ridiculous!! Just got out of the water at the Cove. Stuart, Ace and I nabbed a morning session down there, lit up on 5.0. The waves were starting to roll in at least logo high, if not mast high down in the section we were sailing… Tough to tell when you’re on them, all you know is that it’s big… *update*– just checked the buoy: it’s been reading between 12 and 17 feet since 6 this morning… so yeah, it’s pretty big out there : ) **Update**- Here‘s the video of the day!

Home Base for the Cove session

The Cove is such a cool place. I got completely worked on this one bomb, and all I was thinking underwater was to conserve energy for the inevitable long swim to my gear. As I was coming up to the surface, however, my hand brushed up against the mast tip and made an easy grab… Everything’s in one piece, waterstart and go! Unbelievable to get worked so hard, and have your gear in perfect waterstart position right next to you when you surface…. All I can think is that maybe I went for the same ride that my gear did, when usually you get spit out the back while your gear gets dragged 50 yards before it gets released from the mayhem…

The Cove is also a great place to work on those backloops. Every single run out saw a perfectly pitching head high (+) wall to chuck yourself off of… So many insane jumps this morning… Uuugh… Loving it down here!!

Staurt, Bill, Jay and I also snagged a great sunset session at the Lighthouse on Thursday evening. Side on, litsky 5.0 conditions kicked up mostly chest high swell with the occasional logoish high set rolling through. The session mostly provided backside hits, and some big jumps… Very fun out there! I think a lot of people got out there earlier, too, so there were smiles all around! Ace took a bunch of video footage, after his epic 7 hour kite session. I’m surprised he could even hold up the camera!

Bill takes to the air, Lighthouse, 10/23

It’ll take a while to sort through all the video, so be sure to check back in to watch the action after I get it all edited!