Never ending wind, spectacular sunsets, and a rant or two…

Hatteras has been CRANKIN’ lately! This is what Fall is all about!! All of my customers are limping around with various overuse injuries and raw hands. Some people took Sunday off, because it was TOO windy… Other than that, we’ve been on the water EVERY day!! Awesome!

I snagged two sessions yesterday! The morning sesh was at Ramp 34, just north of Avon. The waves were super fun, a bit overhead in the biggest sets and really crumbly. Most lined up for 2 or 3 good turns. The wind was a bit light, but I got lucky and lined up one good puff on the way out, with an incoming set, and launched into a pretty solid backloop attempt. I completely botched the landing (overrotated and the sail ripped out of my hands), but it still felt great to get some hang time. Other sailors out included my bud Ace, Stuart, and eventually Charlie and a whole brigade of kiters and windsurfers right when I had to leave for work… I’m sure they all caught it great!

Then Ace and I grabbed a sunset session after I closed up the shop for the day. We sailed the sound, just North of Avon. The sunset was *spectacular*. The sailing was *spectacular*. I can’t complain about anything, ever, it seems… Oh wait, it was a bit chilly, so I had on a 4/3 with a hood… but no boots or gloves yet… so I guess I still can’t complain : )

Oh, I was on 5.0/85 liter RRD combo, and Ace was litsky on his 9m kite.

Here’s the progression of the sunset, in all it’s glory (all pics by Anne):

That was about an hours worth of timeline, probably, from top to bottom… And no photoshopping, I promise!

Yup, Cape Hatteras has been alive, in all of its normal Fall time glory. Check out this video of a surf contest held the other day up in Rodanthe (thanks for the link, Keith). It was between VA and NC. VA won in points total, but NC surfer Jesse Hines snagged the wave of the day with a heaving double barrel. What’s worth more? A bunch of pretty OK rides? Or, the single best ride of the day? I’m sure Jesse will agree, quality outweighs quantity : )

Also, check out this Island Free Press slideshow of carnage from our last batch of NE wind (thanks for the link, Drew, and thanks for the slideshow, Donny!). The aerial photos really show how fragile this place is, especially North of Rodanthe. I really can’t believe the long bridge option isn’t at the forefront. How long will we keep rebuilding Pea Island and S-Turns? Especially with rising sea levels? Gimme a break. The north end of Buxton isn’t in any better of a position, either… I vote for the long bridge, with access ramps to Pea Island parking areas and limited 4WD access. Leave it to the birds and surfers, not the bulldozers and endless “rejuvenation” projects…

Alright, sorry for the rants… More wind in the forecast, basically never ending!! See ya out there!! Oh, I think ABK Boardsports still has a few slots available for their upcoming weekend clinic… Sign up and enjoy the wind!! Time to learn those loops!