Lit up soundside action!

Canadian Hole, 4.0 Madness (Anne Pic)

Crazy couple of days! Sunday brought massive amounts of N/NNW winds to the Island. Most people sailed 3.5-4.0 over the course of the entire day! Good stuff!

Ace Lays Into a Jibe (Anne Pic)

Ace, Stuart and I took a Reef Run early in the AM, before work. It was super fun out there, with waves in the waist to chest high range, lining up some huge starboard jumps. We shot a bit of helmet cam footage, some of which came out pretty sweet. It’ll take a little while before I get a chance to edit it, but it’ll be worth the wait.

“Promised Land” (or… body of water)(Anne Pic)

We were also lucky enough to nab a sunset session at the Canadian Hole, still super lit up on 3.5 to 4.0s. We had a mini Loop Fest out there, chucking ’em left and right! There were quite a few people out, and it was great to share the water with some ripping sailors. All of the attached pictures were from this session, and here is a short video clip to give you a feel for the action! (Thanks, Anne!)

There’s more video to come, and what looks to be an action packed week, so check back for more reports!