The Ace-man shoots a video!

The wind is back!! As I write this, the house is shaking in 40+ mph gusts… Dawn can’t come soon enough : )

It’s been a great few days out here in Hatteras! The wind started to fill in Friday afternoon, so I took a short after work sesh up at Island Creek. There was basically only about 20 minutes of daylight left, but with all the houses rented out the lights were burning bright and I sailed well past sunset. 5.7, 85 liter RRD. Perfect freestyle conditions!

My buddy Ace showed up Saturday morning, all the way from Vermont. Anne, Ace and I took a dawn session just north of Avon. 5.0, pretty gusty, and a lot of fun! Ace took a few minutes of video when we were first getting warmed up, and added some commentary for your viewing pleasure….

Consider yourself warned: this video contains explicit language!! It is not family friendly!