Andy Brandt Makes an Appearance!

Andy Brandt, of ABK Boardsports, gave an in-shop clinic at Sailworld Hatteras last night! We had a killer turnout, with more people than I could easily count (I’ve only got 20 fingers and toes). One major source of attendees was BABA, a huge windsurfing organization based in Baltimore. I think everyone got some great advice from Andy, and some great beer from Sailworld, so there wasn’t a frowning face in the house!

If you haven’t windsurfed with Andy, check out some videos of him here.

If you are interested in taking a clinic with ABK Boardsports, check out their schedule here.

Other than that, we’ve had some great surfing conditions the last few days, with light offshore breeze and waist to chest high, very fun waves. If I head back out this afternoon, I’ll try to snap a few pictures off.

Keep an eye on the forecast!! This weekend is looking pretty darned good!!!!! See ya out there!