Comp’s complete, and some cool videos to check out!!

***UPDATE: The Polls are up and running, at Check out the slideshows here, and cast your vote for the Wave Sailing Champion!!

Many apologies for the lack of posting!! I assure you, all is well on the Hatteras Front…

We just finished up a windy weekend, with a few days of decent NE wind. I snuck out of work Sunday afternoon, attended a wedding (Congrats to Alice and Art!!!)(had a few Coronas and some cake), and then shot straight down to the Ferry Docks, where we were holding the Hatteras Wave Fest competition. I was a bit late, and everyone was getting off the water just as I showed up. The tide was definitely getting a bit high, and the wind a bit fluky, but I was able to sneak out past the shorebreak and catch a few waves, so all’s good.

Dale came out and snapped off about a million pics of the action, and I guess we’re going to leave the competition judging in your hands! Keep an eye on Bill’s Site, as I think he’s compiling slideshows of each of the attending contestants, and then y’all can vote on who you think should win, based on the pictures! If you vote for me, I’ll split my winnings of the cash purse with you. I promise : ) Hmm, kind of like tax cuts?

In the meantime, check out these two short videos I came across. The production levels are getting WAY stepped up. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me or the Peconic Puffin. Enjoy! By the way, if you click the rectangular button to the left of the “HQ” it’ll play full screen….