Upcoming Hatteras Fall Fun!!

Not too much action to report from the last few days, except for the constant barrage of rental customers breaking down the doors for the Starboard Serenitys and demo SUPs… We should start highest bidder auctions, instead of the first-come, first-served policy…

Anyway, we’ve got a few little tidbits of excitement coming up, first and foremost being wind this afternoon and the next few days! Be sure to check back for reports! Otherwise, I’d like to announce a totally FREE informal In-Shop Clinic hosted by Sailworld Hatteras and ABK Boardsports, featuring Andy Brandt and a few of his right hand men, on Wednesday, October 15th at 7 PM!! Be here, or count it as a “missed-it.” Your choice, but I know which column I’d like to reside in!

Actually, ABK Boardsports‘ travelling crew of well trained windsurfing instructors will be here in Cape Hatteras for the next 2 weeks! They’ll be providing 2 seperate multi-day clinics, one from 10/13th – 10/17th, and the next from 10/24th – 10/26th. As much as I like selling gear, in all honesty, most of those people would be better off investing in a clinic with ABK to help cure their windsurfing woes…..

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s what Anne had to say about the May 2008 weekend she spent with ABK:

May 11, 2008
Huge thanks to Andy Brant, Matt Case, and Tom for an awesome weekend of sailing on Cape Hatteras! For anyone who has not yet taken an ABK clinic, stop being content making one out of every 30-300 attempts of whatever you’re trying to do (water start through back loop). Save yourself a few years and let these guys show you how to do the move right in one weekend! Like most windsurfers, I have spent the past year or two getting tips here and there as my friends sail by me. That’s nice and all but the typical advice of “go like this…” or “just go into it faster” usually lead to me improving my stellar dismount technique, making a bigger splash, or having a longer swim to my stuff that flew away mid jibe.

The guys at ABK are not only amazing sailors; they actually know how to teach! First, they will literally break down any move step by step without ever saying “just move a bit like this” or “move your foot more that way.” I actually think they’re not even aloud to use the words “this, that, or there” and a few other nondescript terms. Then, they stand waist deep in the water for several hours (now that’s commitment to teaching) while you sail by them trying whatever move you’re working on. They help with the fine tweaking and keep you stoked with a hoot or holler when you finally nail a move.

I went into the clinic wanting to learn how to jibe. In addition to the jibe, I also picked up lots of other skills I didn’t even realize I was lacking. I learned how to stay up wind while going fast (very important when you are trying a jibe on every tack), get up onto a plane earlier when you are just a bit underpowered, how to sail clew first, and how to appreciate light wind sailing. Yes Andy, I now admit that light wind sailing is really important to learning new skills! One of the coolest things was that everyone at the clinic was super psyched to be out on the water all day and learning new things. While I was working on pretty basic stuff, there were other people learning duck jibes, sailing fin first, helitacks, and other freestyle moves (something to look forward to next year). There was even a never-ever guy who was literally in the foot straps, harness, and fully planning a 140liter board on day two! Rad! Can’t wait to see you on Cape Hatteras in the fall!

Thanks again! Anne

So, there you have it! You can read other testimonials here. And, once you reallize what an incredible few days a clinic provides, you can sign up here. See ya there!!!! (I wish, I will undoubtedly be stuck in the shop discussing fin screw length and universal joint durometer)……..

Again- that’s

10/13th – 10/17th
10/24th – 10/26th
10/15th FREE In-Shop Clinic