Wave schlog!! and the September Wrap-Up

Well, the wind did fill in last night! It was enough to comfortably schlog my 5.7 and 85 liter RRD out at Ego Beach. Keith was out there, too, on a 5.0 and bigger board combo. That same swell was still there, hitting the outer bar and ending up at over head-high faces. There was a substantial difference in the wave power, though. The side/side on winds, although pretty light, pushed up a good amount of cross chop. That secondary wind chop sucked a lot of the power out of those heaving barrels that I had encountered earlier in the day, when it was lightly blowing straight offshore. And I’ll tell you the truth, I wasn’t complaining about it being a little weaker!!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to snag two good waves before a thunderstorm pushed across the sound and scared me out of the water. Two is a heck of a lot better than none, so I’m not complaining!

This is a sequence of Keith. It’s a bit fuzzy because the outer bar is, well, out there. My little point and shoot camera can only do so much, you know? But hey, it’s better than nothing, so, enjoy!

Here’s the September Wrap-Up, by the numbers:

17 sessions windsurfing (5.7 x4, 5.0 x9, 4.2 x4)
15 sessions surfing (only 1 on a SUP)
18 in trunks, 12 in a shorty, 2 in a 3/2
7 rest/travel days
2 huge windsurfing “missed its”!!

So, September was basically insane for watersports!! We had killer surf, pretty much for the whole month, and a whole lot of wind to boot! Gotta love the beginning of Fall down here, with unreal conditions and warm temperatures…

See ya in October?