Bermuda High, Day 2!

Not much to say, except my body is exhausted and my hands hurt. The wind was a bit more variable yesterday, on and off planing on my 5.0. The waves were still there, waist to head high sets. I ended up schlogging for well over an hour (out of a 3 hour session), because the waves were just too much fun to stop! Just enough power to stay upwind and get into position to catch any wave I wanted! Love those conditions!

This is what I ate for dinner last night. All of it. Go ahead and do the math, if you want to be very, very frightened.

I stole the next picture from George’s blog, I believe his wife Janice took it! There’s a ton of great pictures on his site, check it out!

Peely waves, light sail power

When I first checked the conditions, there were a few kites up, including (but not limited to) Lane Dupont and Jay Crawford. Lane told me this was his first ever side-off kiting experience. Looked pretty comfortable and confident to me! Lane’s always sitting on the beach taking pictures of everyone else, so it’s about time I snapped a few shots of him!! Check out this sequence:

Lane throwin’ some spray!And popping an aerial!!
Today is the LoopOff, and we’ve got some killer conditions! The SW is already cranking, and I just got the report that the waves have bumped up a notch in size! Awwwwwww yeah!