Swell’s starting to hit!

Finally, after what seems like years, we’ve got a little bit of swell starting to hit our beaches! In reality, it’s only been about a week of truly flat conditions… But everyone knows what that’ll do to your psyche… And a wise man once told me: “7 days without surf makes one weak.”

It started to build last night, so Anne, Drew, Kevin and I grabbed a sunset sesh. The waves were bumped up and gutless, but it was still plenty of fun!

Drew setting some railWho needs a TV when this is your playground?!
Sunset surf is super fun, but can be really distracting. The view while dropping in will often make you forget why you were out there to begin with…

This morning’s dawn(ish) surf was substantially better than last night’s! The swell is definitely on the rise. Some SW wind was already on it, bumping it up a bit, but it was still plenty of fun!

Drew on a wallKevin hiding from the sun
The wind is starting to boost into the sailable range, and the swell’s going to stick around for a few days here, so we should have some killer conditions for the Loopoff! Woooooha!