Patience pays off!

Our normal SW afternoon winds have been less than reliable lately. I think the wildfire across the sound is messing with our “thermal” component, hindering the vertical mixing that usually ushers in evening SW breeze. I’ve been hesitant to give up hope, though, and last night it payed off!

Waiting for the breeze to pick upGeorge, Anne and I caught a short but sweet sunset session at the Hole, literally 5 minutes after everyone else called it a day and went home. Lit up 5.7, albeit gusty, conditions as storm clouds rolled across the sound. Beautiful sunset light, and butter flat water made for some fun cruising and freestyling. George had a helmet cam on and shot this video, which I lifted from his blog:

George also snapped a bunch of photos before and after joining us on the water! Thanks for the shots!

Sliding throughAnne at Mach 3I like this shot