Windsurfing- you’ve just gotta love it!

The excitement level is very high right now here on Hatteras! We had lots of “firsts” the other day, including George‘s well documented first loops, and Anne’s not so well documented first windsurfing foray into the ocean! My sincerest congratulations go out to both of them for pushing their limits, and living to tell about it!! Nice job guys!

You can’t fake those smiles!
As fun as it is to push yourself, I find it just as enjoyable to push others. Then, to witness their accomplishments and see their joy is simply “icing on the cake (sorry, it’s too early to think of anything original)!” George and Anne’s enthusiasm have been addictive, and it passes on to everyone around them.

Of course, now that they’ve gotten a taste of “the next step” in their windsurfing careers, they’ve both become insatiable, drooling at the slightest hint of wind and waves. It’s amazing how addictive this sport is, and that the feeling never goes away, especially if you’re constantly trying to improve! I mean, George has been sailing for 20(+) years, and he’s never been more excited to hit the water! You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty incredible.

Another picture from the other dayBut hey, as Mac once said (I think), “Yes, it’s addictive, but it’s a lot cheaper and a whole heck of a lot healthier than a drug habit!”

There’s more wind in the forecast, just in time for the LoopOff!! Awwww yeah!