Right back into it!

Got back on the water again last night, this time powered up 5.7 conditions! After staring at my new stick (‘08 RRD FSW 85) for a month, I finally got to try it out (along with a new boom, lines, harness, fin, etc etc etc- all of my stuff showed up 2 days after I broke my hand…)! I’m really psyched with the new volume flow on the board, it seems a bit more freestyle biased than my previous one, but I’m sure it’ll still carve up a wave face just fine. Can’t wait for some waves to try it out!

My original plan was to ease myself back into it. That plan lasted about 1/2 a tack, or 45 seconds, before I just had to throw a vulcan… Ended up sailing for about 3 hours straight, right through the sunset, nailed a bunch of 540s, one handed spocks, and got off one decent loop (and a few terrible ones). There were a bunch of other sailors out, including some Loopfest participants. I witnessed some serious wrecks, but everyone came up smiling, looking for more! More power to the guys who tried, because the conditions were just about as marginal as it gets for looping.

It’s too much fun not to do it! (Photo stolen from live2sail.blogspot.com, I think Stuart took it?)
Check out George’s blog, live2sail, for a bunch of pictures and videos of the afternoon’s action!