Serenity at Sunset

Ahhhhh last night I finally got back in the water and went windsurfing. I’d been dry for a very long 30 days. And I’ll tell you what- it’s never felt better to get wet again!

Cruising on the Serenity (pic: Anne)
The experience was not epic, but it was most certainly perfect. The meters were reading 8-13 out of the SW, the water and air were warm, and the sunset was amazing. Anne and I sailed the Starboard Serenity demos we have at the shop, with a 5.2 and 5.7 respectively. Left the harnesses on the beach, and went for a cruise. Those boards are amazing! We sailed upwind to Kite Point in 2 tacks, and then cruised back down to the Hole. The glide and speed one experiences is nothing short of extraordinary in such light winds on the Serenity. Great experience, and perfect for easing my body back into windsports after a month long hiatus!

But don’t take my word for it: Here’s a direct quote, taken from a note left on the shop door on 6/8/08:

Andy- Thanks. Had a good time on Formula gear until Kristen showed up with a Serenity and kicked my ass. -Ted