24 Hours ‘Til Freedom!

At this time tomorrow, Friday the 13th, I will be cast-less, and free!! With any luck, I’ll remain cast free, although that’s up to the doctor. I’m expecting to at least have a splint or taped up fingers, but that’s no big deal. The best part will be my first dunk into the ocean. I’ve been salt water free for 4 weeks straight, and I think the chemistry of my skin is changing. All of my calluses are falling off…

I can’t wait until this is me!
The last few days have seen more fun sized surf, and a few afternoons of decent SW winds. I’ve seen lots of sails and kites out on the water, but the transition to summer is very evident right now. Lots of people on the beaches, more traffic on the road, and lots of beginner windsurf and surf lessons booking up at the shop.

I’m starting to get pretty pumped up for Loopfest! I’m holding a free clinic on Saturday, at the shop, for anyone interested in getting over that hurdle of chucking one! Swing on by and get yourself amped up!