Coverage! and Summer (Wind) Is Here!

We just received the latest issue of Windsport Magazine here at the Shop, the Early Summer 2008 edition. While flipping through the pages, I was stoked to see a few pictures and articles from right here on the Hatteras homefront! I came across Stuart’s article first, on page 34, which is very inspirational, and includes a sweet photo of him in front of a big meaty overhead Hatteras lip! Lane Dupont took the shot over this winter on an epic day down at Isabelle’s. The pic doesn’t show that Stuart’s actually bombing down that face on an 11 foot Stand Up Paddleboard! Yowzers! Then, on page 59, I came across another picture by Lane, of that same day down at Isabelle’s, but the subject this time is me! Sweet! Is it worth mentioning that Robby Naish is also highlighted in the same article? I think so! 🙂 And finally, on page 100, Windsport ran a short shop story that I wrote, and published another picture, this time including our shop dog Banana! Now, that took the stoke level up to rad new heights!

Ask for this magazine at your local newsstand!
Beautiful summer weather seems to be setting in down here! We’re in a great little run of SW wind right now. Yesterday it was gusting up to just about 30, and this morning it’s already cranking again! The wetsuits are stashed, probably until October, as the water is in the 70s and the air has been in the mid eighties.

I’ve been out of the water for almost three weeks now… and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy! I’m 11 pounds heavier than I was pre-injury… and my cast is really starting to get stinky! The good news is that the cast has been scheduled to be removed in just one more week. So, on Friday the 13th, I’m voluntarily allowing another human being to take a circular saw to my arm… and if he wears a hockey mask into the room…

Anne dropping in
Those lucky enough not to be on the injured list have been having plenty of fun- there’s been a bit of surf, and as I mentioned before, the SW has been cranking for a few days now. We’re less than a week into loopfest, and we’ve already had 3 very suitable days of 5.5 or smaller conditions and fun size bump and jump ocean waves… perfect, really! I’ve never really understood why everyone only comes here in April. Come on back in the summer, ditch the wetsuits, and score some of the most consistent wind in the East!

Keith (airborne) and Dan enjoying Ramp 34