Shorepound, and Loopfest Day 1!

Good action the last few days! It’s been tearing me up inside to be sitting on the beach watching, but taking photos has acted as a great distraction/new challenge! Friday evening we had some light winds and small shore break waves, so Anne, Drew, Miranda, Sam, and Kevin dropped into some waves while Deb, Colin, Banana, and I hung out on the beach. The pics say it all, except one thing: This was Kevin’s 3rd day ever on a paddleboard, and he was killing it! Its one of those things where you want to be happy for him, but you wanna smack him too for picking it up so darned easily!!

Kevin, looking like he’s been at it for years!The CommuteStandoffDrew on the Bonga 10’2″Miranda, walking on water!Sam dropping inColin, the cutest darned kid everDrew, walking on waterKevin, dropping in with styleDrew on a nice wallSymmetry!Local Boy
Drew and his Cheering Squad
Moving on, to Loopfest, Day One!!!

Saturday afternoon marked the official start of Hatteras Loopfest 2008! SW winds were cranking down here in Avon, with sunny skies and 85 degree air temps! I got super amped up watching Bill, Charles, Jim K, Jim M, and Keith destroying Ego beach. The waves were averaging waist high, and the ramps were just about perfect for chucking starboard loops! Keith and Bill were on fire, but unfortunately none of the other attending registered participants were up to the challenge today… I took a bunch of pictures, but messed up the camera settings on a lot of them… so only a few came out. Sorry if I missed ya! Enjoy the pics!

Keith Chucking One!Bill Makes a Hit!
Keith gets some air, but stays upright…Keith throws some spray as Charles looks onBill Bottom TurnsKeith gets stylieOne of these guys is not like the other! But which one is cooler?