SUPs, Sunshine, and Southwest Winds

Well there’s a little bit of action to report from over the last few days! Let’s start with Monday, Memorial Day:

Really light winds and sunny skies combined for a beautiful, light action day at the beach. Anne and Miranda snagged a few SUPs from the shop and did a short Atlantic coast tour. They were very smart and went upwind first, claiming about an hours worth of exercise, before turning around and making it back to their starting point in about 3 minutes! Hannah grabbed a few pictures of the ladies (Thanks, Hannah!):

Launching (yes, that is the ocean)Anne caught the only wave of the whole entire day!
Tuesday was Anne’s birthday! Decent SW winds were blowing all afternoon, but by the time the 2 of us got off work, things had settled down significantly. We decided to take a walk over at Ego beach to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and get a wee bit of exercise. Dale was coming in off his 5.6 as we arrived, and said it was an awesome afternoon of soundside blasting!

Dale comes in, after one last reach
Yes, Banana does like her Bandana!
After sunset, a bunch of us gathered at the Avon Cafe, a new restaurant in the old Hodad’s location. The food and service were great, and I would definitely recommend it to any visitors looking for a relaxed atmosphere and high quality meal! My fish tacos were second to none, with an interesting mix of seafood, and some sort of cole slaw unlike any I’ve ever had, to liven up the flavors. They showed us a great time and a lot of hospitality to help us celebrate Anne’s birthday. Happy B-Day sweetheart!

Sounds like Bill, Olaf, and Graham Ezzy had a great session up at Salvo yesterday, too! Bill detailed the experience of sailing alongside a pro here! Wish I could’ve been there, at least to snag a picture or two, but the timing didn’t quite work out with my shop hours… Oh well!