Weekend Update!

Sorry about the lack of posting lately! The wind has been relatively light the last few days, and the ocean pretty darned flat… The last few weeks of epic wind and macking swell seem like a year ago at this point!

As close to a “Shaka” as I can get!
Stuart and I are still all bandaged up. I’ve got about three weeks left, and Stuart’s got about 5 weeks of forced rest time… In the meantime, we’re having lots of fun off the water hanging out with friends.

Stuart gets all the attention with his “twisted ankle” Drew and Kevin, wondering where all the ladies wentNow that I’m broken, Anne has given up on me and moved on to a more complete, manly man. He’s got a tattoo, so I’m pretty much out of the picture forever…

Everything looks better when you’re upside down
I was away for a few days last week, hanging out with my family. We were celebrating the life of my Uncle, who you can read about here. While I was gone, I missed this session at the point! Looked like a fun time! When I got back, I saw the newest Windsurfing Magazine. Flip directly to page 20 to see some coverage of yours truly, and page 22 for an editorial written by Stuart! Stoked on the coverage!!

May, 2008 IssueI also found a big pile of new gear at the shop patiently waiting to be unpacked and oogled.

Ooooh… Stuff!
Of course, now that I’m laid up, all of my personal stash of new gear finally arrived… A whole lot of schwag from DaKine, a new carbon boom from Chinook, and a brand new stick from RRD! And all I can do is look at it… and dream… and wait…

My New Stick, T3 Harness and Mono Lines!

So that means that my “old” board is now up for sale! Its a 2006 RRD FSW 85, in good condition. This is what it looks like in action:

She can fly! (pic: Drew)

And this is what it looks like locked up inside and sad that it’s been replaced:

“Somebody love me… please… I’m so lonely… and dry…”

If you think you can give this board a good home, and you have $600 of expendable cash, call the shop!

We also received some rad new sails from Hot Sails Maui. The Superfreak is just about the coolest looking sail out there, and you can totally customize them if you want! And we also got a few Fires, which are bomber, control oriented wave sails. Very cool looking as well!

The Super Freak
Hot Sails Fire
We’ve got more stuff showing up everyday, so if you need anything, swing on by or give us a call! Looks like more wind on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week so I’m sure I’ll have some action to show you guys!