It’s defintely starting to feel like summer down here! We’ve had two days straight of perfect SW winds, warm air, and the water’s warming up, too! Lots of people have been sailing in trunks in the sound, and I bet the ocean isn’t too far behind!

I’ve spent the last two afternoons freestyling back behind island creek. There are lots of sailors in town, including a HUGE group from BABA, a bunch of Torontoians, Josh Sampiero from Windsurfing Mag, Catapulting Aaron, and many many more! It’s been really fun sailing with some new people, and everyone’s been super happy out on the water. Both days have been perfect freestyle weather, with comfortable 5.7 conditions. I’m feeling super dialed in on my starboard Vulcans, Spocks, and 540s, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on port… it’s getting kind of personally frustrating… Luckily, Stuart’s been pushing me, as he’s been landing vulcans on both tacks recently! Good man! Nothing like a young whippersnapper hot on your heels to keep you motivated!

Looks like a crazy wind event is in store for tomorrow, so I’m off to bed to rest up. Stay tuned for a report, hopefully chock full of pictures of everyone sailing giant waves on 4.2s! My fingers are crossed for some waves, it’s been just about as flat as it gets for the last few days here…