Classic May Conditions, ABK Party!!!, April Wrap Up

We have had some serious fun here over the last few days! Last week ended with a string of solid SW days, mid 20s every afternoon! And warm temperatures to boot! Classic May conditions! I snagged a bunch of great sessions, all sound side since the ocean was flat. Good freestylin’, and a slalom sesh to boot! (But I couldn’t come anywhere close to keeping up with Billy D! Man that guy is fast!) Sunday night, I had the pleasure of sailing with Tom and Andy Brandt, of ABK Boardsports fame! Somehow, everything was going well, and I was able to show off my new moves and not feel like a total kook out there! (But Andy B still humbled me)!

Monday blew north in the afternoon, but I missed it… because I was prepping the shop for the Clinic/Party with Andy Brandt and Matthew Case (the 2008 sidekick)! Turnout was a bit lower than in years past, in part attributable to the evening wind and the early weekday (Monday versus Wednesday), but we still had a great time and the attendees nabbed some seriously personal instruction! Topics ranged from clew first jibe exits to fin first sailing to a heated discussion of the slalom versus freestyle fun factor! Good Stuff! Major thanks to Andy and Matthew for their time and expertise!

Informal Clinic/Happy Hour (L-R: Andy B, Instructee, Eavesdropper, Tom, Josh Sampiero)Lost In Hatteras meets Catapulting Aaron meets OBX Beach Life!

Things got a little rowdy after the bulk of people left… Break dancing, among other things, seemed to be the entertainment of choice! Enjoy the short video clip!

Tuesday the wind finally died, so Anne, Drew, Miranda, Stuart and I surfed the shorebreak, dead high tide, with an onshore breeze after work. Those in the know about surfing conditions can attest to the usual effect of those conditions on the waves: Crapified! But, every now and then a fun one would line up and we all caught a few decent rides, so there were smiles all around!

And the April Wrap Up:
16 sessions windsurfing (5.7 x6, 5.0 x8, 4.2 x2)
11 Surfing (5 SUP, 6 shortboard)
Just 1 Skate Sail Sesh
9 days in a 6/5/4 suit
14 days in a 3/2 suit
2 in trunks!
1 major “missed it” day

And I was off Hatteras for 6 days when I went to Jamaica! I know I missed at least 2 or 3 good days then. This place has just been FIRING! Non stop action, just the way I like it!

Looks like more surf in the AM, then the SW wind will probably kick in for the next few days! Should be a great end to the week!