The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Good things first: ABK Boardsports is in town for a 3 day weekend clinic, and they’re scoring great weather! Sunny, warm, and perfect SW wind in the upper teens, low 20s for all the clinic goers to improve their skills! I’m sure they’re having a great time out there!

Join Us Here on Monday Night!!
For those of you who didn’t get a spot in the sold out 3 day clinic, Sailworld Hatteras and ABK are sponsoring a free evening clinic Monday night, May 5th, 7 pm at Sailworld Hatteras! Andy Brandt and Matthew Case will be doing an informal question and answer session, generally regarding the windsurf technique of your choice. You can ask them how to uphaul, or how to double spock 540, and they’ll give you an easy to understand, step by step, entertaining answer! Sailworld will be supplying free snacks and drink for your euphoric caloric gain after a long day on the water! Come on by and hang out!

Brett rocking the lightwind freestyle!
Also, we snagged a lightwind sunset cruise last night at the Hole. Brett was lit up on a 7.0 and 130 liter freeride board, then swapped with Anne and I cruising the SUP and 5.0 combo, practicing helitacks, etc. Great sunset, fun, warm vibes on the water!

Bad things second: While walking Banana this morning, we came across this smoldering bonfire on the beach. The cell phone pic doesn’t do the scene justice. There was trash everywhere. There were a handful of charred empty beer cans and a wine bottle mixed in with the ashes. I can only hope that whoever left this mess will come back and clean it up when it cools off. If not, I guess I’ll have to, or maybe some other third party will. I’m assuming the SUV parked right there by the pit is owned by a fire attendee. Thanks for not driving home drunk! But I have to ask: Why not just throw your empties in the back of the truck? I don’t know for sure, but I’m assuming that tossing aluminum cans in a fire releases a number of toxins into the air. Not to mention that your cans will NOT melt and disappear, if that was your goal. I don’t care how hot your fire is, it just isn’t going to happen… Hopefully your girlfriend wasn’t downwind when you tossed that can in the fire, because she’ll probably get lung cancer in a few years.

Now for the Ugly: The concrete walls on the superstore are going up, further emphasizing the dwarfage of the shops next door. Pleeease don’t be shrouded in bright 24 hour lights and ugly paint jobs……

I can’t end it on a down note, so lets talk forecast! Right now, the SW is already ramping up, and there’s barely a cloud in the sky! Looks the same for the next few days, and good wind all the way through Monday! Sweeeet! See ya out there!