Secret Spot, and Some Culture

Any aspiring or accomplished freestylers NEED to come find me next time they’re in Hatteras, and the wind is West-ish. Tiny, stubby fins Only! Any fins longer than 20 cm, and the rider will kill themselves. If you meet the criteria, the Secret Spot awaits, and this is what you’ll find:

The Starboard Entrance
Port side approach
I…can’t believe… it’s not butter!
This place is so perfect, Stuart nabbed his very first spock here on Friday, and he didn’t even mean to… It just kind of happened, and luckily, I just kind of happened to be shooting some pics! So here it is, Stuart’s de-virginizing spock, in all it’s glory:

Click to see a bigger version!
His life will never be the same! Congrats, bruddah!

Today, Saturday, instead of playing in the sea, I ate some food from the sea! Anne, the Kramers and I took a trip across the Pamlico Sound this afternoon for the 23rd Annual Stumpy Point Oyster Feast! And a feast it was… all you could eat, with a whole building dedicated to fried oysters, and whole separate building dedicated to steamed oysters…. Culture, indeed! Not only was the food amazing, the people watching was, well, off the charts! And the hospitality was second to none; these people really know how to have a good time! Here’s the scene:

The Evidence (all empty)
Family Style Feeding Trough
Overalls and Nuthin’ Else…
As much as I love Hatteras, it’s good to get off the island every now and again. Even if you just go visit another fishing village that looks exactly like the one you just left…

Big winds in the forecast for tomorrow! Can’t wait to burn off some of the butter and fried greasiness I ingested today!