It’s Official!!!

Henceforth, the 2008 Hatteras windsurf season will be known as the Year of the Huck. The energy level is off the charts right now. If this is any indication of what’s to come, then we’ll be supplying some major action to the windsurfing scene this year!

I witnessed, and personally helped create, more major splats and splashes today than I’ve seen in a long time! The setup was: Litsky 5.0-4.5 SW wind, an occasional good stomach high set wave (but mostly crap windswell), and multiple huckable ramps per every outgoing tack. Everyone was going huge today! It was actually ridiculous. Bill was chucking loop after loop, Stuart was throwing himself through forwards with reckless abandon, Caleb and Billy E were tearing the tops off of whatever wave came their way, and I saw Jim K bailout of a huge jump on the outside, his kit cartwheeling 20 yards before it even hit the water!! Insanity, I tell you. I’ve never seen so much huckage from so many people in one afternoon. It was awesome!

Major moments of note:

  1. Stuart claims a “lollypop” backloop, witnessed by one beach spectator! Rad!
  2. I landed a few endo forwards really solidly on my feet, not planing, but close!

Not many pics, because I was sailing all afternoon, but here’s a few:

Billy E lines up a hit
Stuart drives down the line
Billy E throws some spray
Bill B had a friend on the beach videotaping this afternoon, so I’m sure he’ll have some great action to share on his blog sometime soon! Be sure to check it out!!