Tuesday Warm-Up

So much for taking a rest day… Conditions looked way too good to pass up today! It was warm, with a moderate Southwest breeze, and a fun waist to chest high groundswell hitting at Ego Beach. I warmed up in the hole with a few freestyle passes, then carried over the dunes when the rest of the crew showed up. The conditions were perfect to warm up, stretch out and get dialed in for Wednesday’s (hopefully) super windy, bigger waves! Caleb, Stuart and I dusted off the mental cobwebs from our last cold water sesh by playing all afternoon, moderate power on 5.7s and bigger boards. Here are some pics of the action:

Caleb punts one off the lip! (click for a better view)
Stuart and I “share” one
Caleb lines up a nice top turn
The Fog rolls in
After a great couple of hours, the fog rolled in and it got really spooky… Low visibility is creepy, especially in fluky, shifty winds, when you can’t make out the shoreline!

Well I can’t sleep because the sound of wind is driving me crazy… Hopefully I’ll be rested enough to charge it when the sun finally shows!