Nabbed It!

Somehow, I got lucky today! I can now claim success on one of my unwritten goals for 2008, only one month into the year! Today’s gusty, shifty, rainy, then sunny weather ended up providing the perfect setup for some sound side freestyle. The wind was so up and down today, you could’ve rigged your favorite sail, 4.5-7.5, and it would have been perfect 25% of the time! So I rigged a 5.0 and tossed it on my 85 liter FSW. A lot of the time, I was just powered enough to barely plane w/out pumping… perfect for freestyle! I started off pretty slow, and then picked up steam as I started nailing some vulcans, then a few perfect spocks, and finally, my first ever spock 540! I ended up hitting 4 dry, one of which was perfectly clean and composed! The others were somewhat, ummm, forced… Hitting a new trick gets me so amped up, its ridiculous! What I’m most excited about is the extra 180 degrees, which makes the spock (a totally pointless, but really fun 360 degree rotation) into a somewhat useful maneuver! Now, I have another method of turning around, beyond some of the various jibes and tacks I’ve learned in the past. Stoked!

After a killer 4 or 5 hours, the wind started to really lighten up, so Stuart and I derigged, grabbed our surfboards, and crossed the highway to Ego Beach. Straight off shore breeze, and a lingering (but kind of warbly) chest to head high swell was ripping down the beach! I only had enough energy for about an hour’s worth of paddling, but it was so worth it! Butter smooth faces, all rights, and pretty darned consistent. All in all, another super fun, multi sport day on Hatteras Island!! Loving it!